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Medical Tourism

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Promotional support

  • Support item and examples
    Support item and examples
    Support item Examples of support
    Promotional support for leading medical institutions through Daegu medical tourism marketing projects Establishment of overseas locations and marketing of leading medical institutions and the provision of foreign language promotional materials and websites
    Introduction of member institutions at overseas exhibits and presentations of Daegu medical tourism Listings and profiles of leading medical institutions published in the promotional booklet for the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute
    Online/offline promotion on the Daegu Medical Tourism website and SNS Introduction of leading institutions on the SNS (Facebook, blogs, etc.) of the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute

Interpretation support

  • Languages: eight languages (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Mongolian)
  • Interpretation costs: support of up to KRW 500,000 per month per medical institution registered as a medical institution attracting foreign patients
    Interpretation costs
    Occasions for interpretation Content Maximum time/cost
    Immigration/departure Daegu International Airport 3hr, KRW 50,000
      Gimhae International Airport 5hr, KRW 70,000
      Incheon International Airport 10hr, KRW 120,000
    Medical examination at hospital Consultation/treatment 5hr, KRW 700,000
      Including operations 10hr, KRW 120,000
    Other (Tourism, shopping, dining, etc.) 3hr, KRW 50,000
    ※ In cases in which the number of attracted foreign patients is less than planned, interpretation costs shall be refunded.
  • Eligibility
    • Interpretation for immigration: hospitals, agencies that attract foreign patients (including overseas agencies)
    • Interpretation for hospital examinations: leading medical institutions of Daegu City and member institutions

Translation support

  • For translation of medical examination records and other important information for foreign tourists
    • Documents (medical certificates, examination results, etc.) associated with visits and examinations
    • Languages: eight languages (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Mongolian)

Vehicle support

Medical tour assistance taxi

  • Support details
    Support details
    Location Number of persons Support details
    (airport, Dongdaegu Station)
    1-9 Medical tour assistance taxi, van
    10~20 25-seater /28-seater
    21+ 28-seater /45-seater
    Incheon, Gimhae 1-9 Airport pick-up or interpreter pick-up, medical tour assistance taxi, van
    10-20 25-seater/28-seater
    21+ 28-seater/45-seater
  • Support criteria
    • Support details will be determined through consultation.
    • In cases in which the number of passengers being transported is less than 80% of the number of passengers at the time of reservation, incentives will be provided based on the actual number of passengers being transported.

Forum and education support

Priority seating for special events: forums and symposiums on Daegu medical tourism, medical tour interpreter education, and business presentations

Convention support

Support for promotional booths and participation in Medi Expo (Daegu Medical Tour Expo), Medical Korea, overseas medical tourism promotional presentations (Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea Tourism Organization, Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute), overseas exhibits, and other large exhibitions and conventions

Accommodation discounts

  • Details of discounts offered
    Details of discounts offered
      Hotel Greenstel
    1 person, 1 night KRW 12,000 KRW 8,000
    1 person, 2 night KRW 24,000 KRW 15,000
    1 person, 3 nights KRW 30,000 KRW 20,000
  • Discounts are provided only for use of accommodation facilities in Daegu.
    •  ※ Affiliated accommodation facilities: 9 locations (Novotel Ambassador Daegu, Grand Hotel, Queen Vell Hotel, Eldis Regent Hotel, Hotel Inter-Burgo Exco, Ragung Hotel, and select guesthouses)

FAM tour support

  • FAM tour application procedure
    • 1) Receipt of application for Daegu medical tourism FAM tour (may be submitted by patient attraction agencies, businesses, and foreign individuals in medical tourism)
    • 2) Cooperation sought from leading medical institutions
    • 3) Conducting of FAM tour for requested hospital
  • Conducting of FAM tour for requested hospital
  • Eligibility: institutions, agencies, or foreign individuals involved in the attraction of medical tourists


  • Medical institutions and businesses that plan to attract foreign patients must discuss their attraction plan and requested financial support with incentive-providing institutions prior to the start of any medical tours.
  • Application for incentives must be accompanied by medical examination records.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned, and additional documents may be required. If any additional required documents are not submitted, the application will be withdrawn.
  • Any company that receives incentives through the submission of falsified documents must provide a refund for incentives received and will be ineligible to receive incentives for the next five years.

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