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Medical Tourism

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

What is a VISA?

A visa is a document in a passport that endorses or confirms the details of a person’s stay in a country according to the laws of the country. A visa can also be seen as a “confirmation of immigration permit” that allows a foreign person to enter a country, or a “recommendation for immigration by a consul in response to an application for immigration by a foreign national”.

In Korea, a visa is defined as an “immigration recommendation by a consul in response to application for immigration by a foreign national.” Using this definition, foreigners in possession of a visa may still be denied entry if they fail to meet all required immigration permit criteria at the time of immigration screenings performed by the immigration office at their point of entry (airport, ports).

Types of visa

  • Single-entry visa
    Single-entry visa
    Number of visits Only one visit allowed during the validity period
    Validity Three months from the date of issuance
  • Multiple-entry visa
    Multiple-entry visa
    Number of visits No limitations on the number of visits allowed during the validity period
    Validity From the date of issuance Visa for diplomats (A-1)/ Visa for Agreement (A-3), valid up to three years
    Visas issued under a “multiple visa agreement” are valid for the duration of the period specified by the agreement
    Visas issued under agreements of reciprocity and/or national interest are valid for the duration predetermined by the Ministry of Justice

Documents required for visa application

  • Passport, visa application form, additional documents (*requirements may vary by type of stay)
    • ※ Submission of medical visa issue certificate may be required.


If the person who has requested a visa issue certificate enters the country without first receiving approval, the application will automatically be declined and withdrawn. Visas must be issued within 3 months of the receipt of your visa issue certificate or visa issue approval by the Minister of Justice. If you do not have your visa issued within 3 months of your visa issue certificate/visa approval, you must submit a new application.

How to apply

  • How to apply
    • As of January 12, 2012, hospitals and agencies that are registered as institutions for the attraction of foreign patients must apply for an online visa issue certificate on HuNet Korea ( and applications should not be submitted directly to the Immigration Office.
  • Website membership registration
    Website membership registration
    Step Description Comments
    Go to ‘HuNet Korea'(
    Click on ‘Corporate membership’ at the top of the page
    Click on ‘JOIN’→  ‘Agree to Terms and Conditions’ →  ‘Join as corporate member’. Enter the basic information of your institution and attach the required files to your Corporate Membership Application (for details, please see the User Manual) ※For identity verification purposes, please submit the identification documents of your corporate representative. When entering the taxation type for your business, select ‘exclusive’ if you have not been approved as a separate business entity for taxation.
    Enter your basic information, attach all required files, and click on ‘Apply’. After your membership registration is approved by an immigration office, you may then apply for your online visa issue certificate (*please allow at least 3 days for membership registration approval). After receiving approval, log in to your account and proceed to your identification verification (digital certificate of representative or manager in charge).
  • Application for online visa issue certificate
    Application for online visa issue certificate
    Step Description
    Connect to ‘HuNet Korea'(  
    Log in  
    Select 「Application for Visa Issue Certificate」and click on ‘Apply’  
    Click on ‘Medical Tourism’ as the reason for application  
    Click on ‘Application for Visa Issue Certificate’→  ‘Add Invited Guests’ and enter the basic information of your invited guests. Attach all required documents and click on ‘Apply’. (For details, please see the User Manual.)  
    The processing status of your application can be checked by visiting “My Page.”  
  • For inquiries
    • Help Desk: Immigration Contact Center: call 1345 or 02-500-9069

Changes in medical tourism visa codes

  • -Short-term medical tourism visa(90 days or less): C-3-M→ C-3-3
  • -Long-term medical tourism visa(Over 90 days): G-1-M→ G-1-10

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