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Medical Tourism

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Established as part of Daegu Metropolitan City’s efforts to promote its medical tourism industry, the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute focuses heavily on the development of medical tour products and systems and the conducting of online and offline promotional marketing. The institute also acts as an intermediary between the local medical institutions of Daegu and domestic and overseas medical agencies.

dmda (사)대구의료관광발전협의회

A new chapter for the promotion of Daegu medical tourism and attraction of patients from overseas

This is Cha Soon-do, President of the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute.
The Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute, an affiliate of the Daegu Metropolitan Government, is actively involved in the development of medical tourism policies and conducts numerous medical tourism marketing and promotional activities for the attraction of medical tourists and the establishment of an even stronger medical tourism infrastructure.

Currently, the institute is opening a new chapter for the attraction of foreign patients. Through the creation and implementation of effective projects and programs, the institute is continuing to establish itself as a crucial partner of the Daegu Metropolitan Government in attracting foreign patients from overseas.

Cha Soon-do, President of the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute

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