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Medical Tourism

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Superb medical professionals and diversified services


Daegu boasts the best medical infrastructure outside of the Seoul metropolitan area and features 5 university hospitals, 12 general hospitals, and 6 medical institutions certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
The city also offers a variety of services including convenient transportation, language interpretation, hotel reservation, and medical examination translation services.

  • 우수한 의료 서비스Superior medical services


    The city of Daegu is known for the quality of its university hospitals,
    which together offer the lowest cancer treatment costs of the seven metropolitan cities of Korea.

  • 풍부한 의료 인프라Stable medical infrastructure


    Daegu boasts the nation’s highest number of medical universities per capita and the highest utilization of local medical institutions nationwide with over 10,000 cancer-related operations performed each year

  • 컨시어지서비스Concierge services


    From airport pick-up and drop-off to priority reservations and translation services, Daegu provides one-stop services for all medical needs.

  • 의료관광여행사Incentives for medical tourism agencies


    The medical tourism agencies of Daegu receive support for accommodations, vehicles, and interpretation.

  • 대구의료관광 품질보증 서비스Daegu medical tourism quality assurance


    In addition to providing compensation for any accidents or damages that are the direct result of medical tourism activities, Daegu has also established a Medical Disputes Resolution Committee, operated by the city government.

  • 외국인 건강검진 안심보험Foreigner health checkup safety insurance


    The nation’s first insurance plan for medical tourism

First-class medical services

  • Hospitals and medical costs
    Hospitals and medical costs
    Medical infrastructure The best medical infrastructure outside the Seoul metropolitan area, featuring a cluster of strong university hospitals
    Hospitals and medical institutions 5 university hospitals, 12 general hospitals, and 6 medical institutions approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    Medical costs The lowest cancer treatment costs of the seven metropolitan cities
  • 2012 annual report of medical services statistics by region published by the National Health Insurance Corporation

    Major cancers (medical cost per capita), Stomach cancer (medical cost per capita)

Established medical infrastructure

  • Medical colleges and doctors
    Item Description Comments
    Medical colleges Kyungpook Univ., Yeungnam Univ., Keimyung Univ., Daegu Catholic Univ., Daegu Haany Univ. and 227 related medical departments The highest number of medical universities per capita nationwide
    Operation 7,500 doctors and 10,000 cancer operations per year, for the top utilization rate of local medical institutions nationwide + treatment ratio (93.2%), patient influx rate (14.6%)

    풍부한 의료 인프라

Concierge services

  • Immigration, departure, transportation, and translation services
    컨시어지서비스 제공
    Item Description
    One-stop services One-stop services, from airport pick-up to final departure
    Priority reservations, transport vehicles Priority reservations for foreign patients, provision of vehicles for transport between hospitals
    Foreign language interpretation and hotel reservation services Multiple foreign language interpretation and hotel reservation services
    Speedy issuance and translation of examination results 48-hour results examination services, translation of examination results into patient’s native language

Incentives for medical tourism agencies

  • Accommodation support
    • up to three nights
  • Vehicle support
    • provided at cost
  • Interpretation
    • medical tourism interpreters
      for medical examinations

Daegu medical tourism quality assurance

  • Daegu operates a system through which medical tourists can receive compensation for accidents, damages, or loss incurred from medical tour activities.
    • Occurrence of medical dispute
    • Report of dispute to the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute
    • Review of dispute by the Disputes Resolution Committee
    • Payment of compensation
    • Report of dispute resolution
  • Medical Disputes Resolution Committee
    • Comprised of 5-6 committee members including representatives from the Daegu Metropolitan City (Director of Public Health), medical institutions, law firms, etc.
    • Operates as part of the Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute

Travelers’ Insurance for International Medical Tourists

" The nation’s first insurance coverage designed specifically for medical tourists "

  • Insured: This insurance is provided free of charge for all international tourists visiting Daegu for medical purposes.
  • Insurance details
    Insurance details
    Service Description Benefit
    For injuries, death, and/or complications that occur while staying in Daegu for medical purposes Where the insured sustains injury, as a direct result of which the insured dies or develops further complications as defined in the Medical Injury Classifications, due to accidents (including medical accidents) during the insured period. Up to KRW 50 million
    For liabilities of indemnification that arise while staying in Daegu for medical purposes Where the insured causes injury to others or damage to the property or belongings of others accidentally and is therefore held liable for indemnification. Actual amount of indemnification or up to KRW 10 million (after a deduction of KRW 10,000 per accident)
    Assistance for extensions of stay Where the insured is forced to stay in Daegu past the scheduled date of departure due to a medical dispute that requires settlement or arbitration. Expenses associated with the extension of stay (KRW 100,000 per day for accommodations, including hospitalization) up to KRW 1 million)

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