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Medicity Daegu

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Suseong Medical District

Status of construction site

Status of construction site
Location Daehong-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Construction cost KRW1,082,000 /㎡(KRW3,577,000(3.3㎡)
Area 199,768㎡ (medical facilities: 82,810㎡, knowledge-based industries: 116,958㎡) Types of functions Extended stay medical tourism complex , SW convergence industry cluster
Construction period 2008-2017 (to be completed in July 2017) Eligible industries High-tech medical, IT, SW, and knowledge- based service industries
Project operator/Costs Daegu Urban Development Corporation/KRW 615.7 billion

Functions of industrial research facilities

Functions of industrial research facilities
Division Medical facilities Knowledge-based industrial facilities
Functions to be introduced
  • Specialized professional hospitals
    - Regenerative medicine, organ transplants, genome-based treatment, anti-aging, wellness (center for complementary and alternative medicine)
  • Related national institutions
    - Clinical information center, international health checkup center, medical tourism hotels, national medical institutions, etc.
  • Extended stay medical tourism complex
    - Extended stay medical tourism complex
  • 3s Smart World
    - Smart sensor convergence industry, system semiconductor cluster, software convergence industry cluster
  • SW convergence industry cluster
    - SW convergence technology center, test bed, cultural content
  • Knowledge-based industry center
    - High-tech technology industry, IT-related R&D, etc.
  • Global business center
    - Attraction of foreign firms, creation of employment opportunities, etc.
  • IT/SW firms cluster
Business sectors to attract
[Korea Standard Industrial Classification]
[85] Educational services/[861] Hospitals

[582] Software development and supply/[59] Audio video record production and distribution/[61] Telecommunications

[62] Computer programming, system integration and management/[63] Information services/[70] Research and development businesses

[72] Construction technology, engineering and other science and technology businesses/[73] Other professional sciences and services/[

/[75] Business support services