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Medicity Daegu

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Welcome to Medicity Daegu,a new medical hub of the Korean healthcare industry!


Medicity Daegu, the medical capital of Korea, offering only the best medical services!

  • Medical Infrastructure


    National leader in terms of medical infrastructure, healthcare research, and development institutions

  • Cutting-edge Industrial Infrastructure


    Sophisticated high-tech industries that support the medical industry

  • Collaborative Network


    Collaborative research network of advanced domestic and foreign medical institutions

  • Abundant Human Resources


    Cultivation and promotion of a stable supply of quality healthcare personnel and related resources

Medical Infrastructure

Medical Infrastructure
Medical Education Institutions Medical Institutions Medical Personnel
4 medical universities, 1oriental medicine university, 1graduate school of dentistry 3,200 institutions including 12 general hospitals, 1,700 hospitals and clinics, 700 dental clinics, and 800 oriental medicine clinics 27,000 medical professionals including 5,000 medical doctors, 1,000 doctors of dental surgery, 900 doctors of oriental medicine, 7,800 nurses, and 13,000 other staff members
  • Category/Statistics/ Diagram
  • Category/Statistics/ Diagram
    Doctors: 5,000


    Dentists: 1,000


    Doctors of oriental medicine: 900


    Nurses: 7,800


    Other medical staff: 13,000


High-tech Industrial Infrastructure

High-tech Industrial Infrastructure
Advancement of key indispensable industries for the development and promotion of a cutting-edge healthcare industry Establishment of an infrastructure that supports the growth of the robotics industry in cooperation with Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement
Implementation of a project for the promotion of the national 3D convergence industry
Cultivation of industries related to imaging devices, next-generation display, smart devices, and parts, etc.
Establishment of an infrastructure of IT downstream and upstream industries such as mechatronics, molding, nano, and new materials, etc.

Collaborative Networks

Collaborative Networks
Establishment of a joint research system in cooperation with domestic and international medical industries Signing of a joint research agreement with national institutions—Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology and the National Cancer Center
Forging of an international collaboration network—Kobe High-tech Medical Promotion Foundation and the New Jersey Health Care Industry Cluster
Signing of collaborative research agreements with neighboring universities including Kyungpook National University
Signing of MOUs with leading healthcare institutions—Korea Drug Research Association and the Korea Medical Devices Industry Association

Trained Human Resources

Trained Human Resources
Training, cultivation, and promotion of a stable supply of highly trained medical personnel The largest cluster of universities and colleges south of the Seoul metropolitan area (85,000 university graduates in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk province area every year)
Cultivation of human resources to meet the real and pressing needs of actual businesses
Conducting of recruitment tours and company visit programs to reduce mismatches between employees and employers in the job market