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Medicity Daegu

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!



Medicity Daegu, the ‘Medical Capital of Korea’, promising only the best medical services!

메디시티 로고

01. Brand Meaning


  • MEDI (medical) + CITY (city), together mean ‘Medical City.’

02. Brand Characteristics


  • - Jointly conveys the medical services and urban marketing pursued by the brand.

    - Uses easy words to convey the content of the brand.

    - Consists of only four syllables, making it easy to read and remember

메디시티 캐릭터

Medicity Daegu Mascot



Medicity Daegu Video Clip


  • Medicity Daegu offers only the best medical infrastructures in Korea, backed by longstanding tradition.

    The history of medical excellence in Daegu originated in Yangnyeongsi 350 years ago and has continued to the present day. It is thanks to this long, proud history and continued development that Medicity Daegu is now able to offer superior medical services and a complete medical infrastructure.