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Medicity Daegu

Introducing Medicity Daegu, a new ‘medical capital’ representing the nation’s leading medical technologies and services!

Medicity Daegu, the Medical Capital of Korea.


Local medical institutions, offering the top medical services in Korea, have banded together to create Medicity Daegu,
a brand that promotes Daegu as the best, leading medical city in Korea, Asia, and the world.


Welcomes you to Medicity Daegu

  • Medicity is a brand that represents Daegu's superior medical services and aims to develop and globalize the medical technologies and services of Korea through the development of the hospital service industry, convergence of medical industries, and successful establishment of a medical innovation complex.
  • Medicity aims to provide top medical services and infrastructures, promote medical tourism as a source of economic growth, and prepare a base for the future growth of Daegu Metropolitan City through the successful establishment of a cutting-edge medical innovation complex.

1. Medicity Daegu, the heart of Daegu Metropolitan City.



Boasting six major medical training institutions, over 3,200 medical institutions, and a medical workforce of over 27,000, Daegu is renowned for its active research on difficult-to-cure diseases and world-class medical treatments.

Providing easy access to the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster and Suseong Medical Zone, Daegu is inarguably the heart of cutting-edge medicine and medical infrastructure in Korea.

2.Medicity Daegu, representing the advanced medical industry of Korea.



Easily accessible by express train (KTX), car, and airplane, Medicity Daegu, winner of the Grand Prize at the Korea Brand Awards in 2015 and 2016, provides world-class medical care and services for customers traveling from across the nation and around the globe.

The city’s thriving medical tourism industry, led by 44 pioneering medical institutions dedicated to diverse fields of medicine, including cosmetics and dentistry, continues to raise the status of Medicity Daegu on the international stage.